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The irradiators bactericidal (quartz)

Irradiator bactericidal is a great solution for disinfection of air of various facilities and water supply systems. Due to the UV from these lamps, you can get rid of many dangerous microorganisms. This medical equipment is popular not only for medical institutions, beauty salons and Wellness centers, they are widely used at home.

The use of germicidal lamps

Облучатель бактерицидныйBactericidal irradiator is widely used in the period of increased incidence of communicable diseases. Because it can be used to effectively deal with the pathogens of respiratory infections. To use such a device, you can:

  • In various medical institutions, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies, enterprises of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In the production of the food industry, warehouses.
  • In children's school and preschool.
  • In areas with a large concentration of people.
  • At the water stations, in swimming pools.

Also germicidal lamps you can buy for personal use at home. With their help you can effectively fight viral infections, mold, fungal pathogens. You can also disinfect the storage space for food, furniture, plumbing. Reflectors are widely used for water disinfection. Such a lamp manufacturer which Ukraine will help in the prevention and treatment of many diseases of the respiratory tract.

Some models of lamps to buy for tanning. But you should remember not to abuse harmful ultraviolet radiation. If used improperly, the lamp is possible to lose the skin of varying severity.

A variety of germicidal lamps

This device is a mercury lamp that gives off ultraviolet light. The shell of the lamp is made of boron-silicate UV glass that transmits this type of radiation. Because when such lamps emit ozone that adversely affects living organisms. Such a shell passes only ultraviolet radiation that is safe for humans. This radiation penetrates into the DNA of the pathogens of various diseases and destroys them from the inside. Lamps for home use have a low pressure, radiation is aimed at the maximum disinfecting effect. Different models differ in the degree of radiation intensity.

Treatment-and-prophylactic lamps are classified in different ways. The type of work they are:

  • Models for water disinfection. Usually used in everyday life, at home. Placed in the water nodes.
  • Lamp for disinfection of the premises. They are fixed – a fixed base and a limited radius of work, as well as mobile. The second option is much more convenient, but the price is higher.

Облучатель бактерицидный в КиевеAlso bactericidal irradiators are significantly different in design. There are models of open type. Them ultraviolet radiation spreads throughout the room without any obstacles. As well as options of recirculating type. In them the air is disinfected directly in the setting, and gets into the room is clean. For home use it is better to buy in Kiev a model of the closed type. They are safe and effective enough. Can work in the presence of man, without detriment to his health.

Germicidal lamps differ in terms of installation. Are floor models – well suited for larger, spacious rooms. Hinged reflectors, can be ceiling or wall mounted. They have a good, original design is conveniently mounted in the desired location of the room. Desktop models have a compact structure, well suited for local disinfection.

Some models are equipped with a mechanism for automatic switching. They have a very convenient structure, thus can be placed at various convenient parts of the room. The germicidal lamp is a modified model, which can be used to alternate UV and fluorescent lighting.

Buy germicidal lamp in Kyiv and Ukraine

To date, the range of the online stores is much wider than the range of products in the conventional store. Also, you can quickly and conveniently order goods for home delivery. So if you are interested in buying a germicidal lamp, you should contact our Internet sales Covenant. We offer a large selection of products for various purposes. Here you will be able to pick up and buy the model of the desired design, size, power. Commodity prices will pleasantly surprise any buyer. All models irradiators manufactured in Ukraine. They are guaranteed to have a high quality and effective disinfectant action. Inspect the goods by visiting the main office in Kiev.

In addition to the germicidal lamps in our store the goods of other categories. We offer buy medical equipment for various sectors of healthcare.

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