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Gynecological sets and tools

No one gynecological office can't do without specialized tools. It is important that the devices were made of high quality materials and subjected to sterilization to prevent infection of patients.

Gynecological instruments that will be used in the work are thoroughly tested. First of all, too low a price, is already a negative factor because of the probability of the fact that devices made from substandard materials. Carefully inspect the appearance of the instrument, to avoid any damage, also, pay attention to the specifics, as each gynecological tool has a specific purpose.

Our firm realizovat medical equipment directly from the manufacturer. You can buy the appropriate tools that will be important in the practice of the gynecologist.

Tool selection

We offer gynecological mirror, a Volkmann spoon, curette, uterine forceps and scissors for the umbilical cord, which are included in the standard gynecological kit.

Let us dwell on each tool that should be at the gynecologist:

  • gynecological mirror. Used by doctor for preventive gynecological examination of patients, and surgery. The mirror should have a smooth surface without defects, otherwise the doctor will not notice a problem.
  • Spatula Air. Helps the doctor to take samples of biological material from the surface of the uterus to be sent to the gynecological laboratory tests.
  • The Volkmann Spoon. Is also used to obtain the material with the mucosa of the uterus.

Choosing a set of gynecological tools, be sure to consult with experts, especially if you are an aspiring gynecologist.

Purchase gynecological set

In our store presents a wide selection of products that are useful in the practice of every gynecologist. Products are made of quality material, guarantee that they will not fail at the crucial moment. To buy tools can be either through online shop or come directly to the office of the company.

With the help of our company will be able to choose the right equipment for gynecology that will last for many years.

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