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Medical forceps

Forceps medical

Without special equipment can not do any therapeutic or prophylactic institution. The use of medical tools allows you to spend a huge number of different manipulations: during the treatment, when performing diagnostic activities.

Common medical tool - forceps

Medical forceps – one of the most commonly used tools, a variety of modifications depends on the breadth of their scope. But whatever varieties went it, they all are used for capturing, recording and other manipulations with tissues (or on) the human body. To use medical forceps and sterile "transport" dressing, surgical and other materials.

Medical forceps should be selected based on certain factors. First, we need to determine the appearance of the product. You must pay attention to the appearance of the instrument and quality: medical forceps must repeatedly be sterilized without affecting their functional characteristics.

This tool interacts directly with the human body, and therefore it needs to be smooth and have no burrs. The metal of which is made medical forceps, should be environmentally friendly, not to cause harm to the patient's body. Only compliance with all conditions makes Curling really usable and safe.

The most used are the forceps nasal forceps

Nose medical forceps are one of the types of ENT instrument, they are used for various manipulations with the nasal cavity.

We sell one of the most common types of bow instruments – tampon forceps. These medical thorns can be used for insertion of the tampon into the nasal cavity during surgical interventions. The model has a flat sponge and a notch that allows you to enter the tongs inside with simultaneous fixing of the dressing material or foreign object is extracted.

Buy nasal forceps medical

Like other types of medical instruments, medical forceps, scissors and clamps can be purchased via our online store. Before purchasing we offer our customers to carefully review the an extensive directory to make the right choice.

Buying medical tongs, you need to pay attention to their functional purpose, appearance and quality of the material used. Having defined the desired model, you can rest assured in the quality of the purchased product – our online shop with respect to your customers!

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