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Disinfection chamber KDE
Disinfection chamber KDE
Disinfection chamber KDE
Disinfection chamber KDE
Disinfection chamber KDE
Disinfection chamber KDE
Product Code: Камера дезінфекційна КДЕ Zavet

Disinfection chamber KDE

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The KDE disinfection chamber is designed for disinfection and disinfection of clothes, shoes, bedding and others.

The camera is a welded metal structure. The camera body consists of a frame sheathed on both sides with sheet steel. The space between the skins is filled with heat-insulating material. There are doors in two opposite walls of the building. Through one door leading to the loading compartment (dirty zone), things are loaded into the chamber, through another door leading to the unloading room (clean zone), things are unloaded from the chamber.

The rubber gaskets on the door, when closing the door with special screw clamps, ensure the tightness of the door opening (insufficient leakage of condensed steam is allowed).

In the lower part of the case there is a steam generator consisting of an open bath and tubular electric heaters located on its bottom. The steam generated in the steam generator enters the upper part of the chamber, where the placed items are treated with steam at the required temperature.

Water is poured into the steam generator automatically using an electromagnetic valve

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