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Gynaecological chair KG-1M
Gynaecological chair KG-1M
Gynaecological chair KG-1M
Gynaecological chair KG-1M
Product Code: КГ-1М Zavet

Gynaecological chair KG-1M

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Chair KG-1M is designed for conducting gynecological examinations and various procedures gynecological offices, as well as for small surgical procedures. The chair is mounted on four pillars - two rubber front and two metal rear, which are adjustable in height to create a base stability on uneven surface.

On a chair rigidly mounted metal armrests and movable plastic podkolonnik. The backrest is adjusted mechanically by hand, and changing seat position to position in Trendelenburg is carried out using a pneumatic actuator. Also fitted as standard with a bowl stainless steel and convenient level access to the chair.

Additionally it is completed with infusion stand, colpocephalum, armrest for long injections, ergonomic polymer pokoleniami.

Overall dimensions of chair KG-1M: 750*1100*1450 mm.

Country of originUkraine
Type of supportsTrotters
Backrest adjustment methodMechanical
Guarantee, month12
Production material
Frame materialMetal
Length, mm1100
Horizontal unfolded length1650
Width, mm1000
Height including backrest, mm1650
Height from bed to floor, mm800
Калькулятор розрахунку опромінювачів