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Germicidal lamp OSRAM HNS 30W G13 (without ozone)
Germicidal lamp OSRAM HNS 30W G13 (without ozone)
Product Code: OSRAM 30Вт Zavet

Germicidal lamp OSRAM HNS 30W G13 (without ozone)

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Germicidal lamp OSRAM HNS 30W G13 (no ozone):

Mercury discharge lamps low-pressure with tubular glass bulb. Produces short-wave ultraviolet radiation with a peak value at a wavelength of 253.7 nm which has a bactericidal effect. Ozone formation is eliminated due to the use of boron-silicate UV glass in the bulb which filters out the spectral line with a wavelength of 185 nm. Internal protective coating provides germicidal radiation lamps at a constant level.


The field of application of germicidal lamps OSRAM HNS 30W G13:

- Destruction or deactivation of bacteria, germs and other microorganisms under conditions of direct exposure to ultraviolet rays of the lamp.

- Disinfection of air, water and surfaces in residential and domestic premises, hospitals, clinics, dental offices, pharmaceutical companies. the enterprises of the food industry.

- Used in a wide variety of photochemical processes.


Specifications germicidal lamp OSRAM HNS 30W G13:

- Wavelength ultraviolet radiation (Nm): of 253.7

- Lamp power (W): 30

- Lamp voltage (V): 55

- The current in the lamp (A): 0,37

- Useful life (hrs): 8000

- Lifetime 50% failures EM: 8000

The shape of the bulb: T8

- Cap type: G13

- Net weight (g): 120

- Bulb diameter (mm): 25,5

- Length without pins (mm): 808

Length with pins (mm): 893

Manufacturer: Osram (Germany)

Country of originGermany
Lamp typeUV (without ozone)
Voltage, V96
Rated current, A0,36
Bulb shapeТ8
Термін служби, годин9000
Wave, Nm253,7
Working position, °s180
Power, W30
The main applicationDisinfection
UV radiation, W13
Guarantee, month12
Length, mm895
Diameter, mm26
Калькулятор розрахунку опромінювачів