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Functional bed

Some injuries and serious illness can weaken the human body and compel the patient to bed. Many people believe that buying special beds makes no sense, as they are no different from the usual. It's a pretty common misconception, as only a medical functional bed is able to provide the convenience of bedridden patients, and facilitate care for such patients for medical staff.

Bed types

In the modern market of medical furniture range of beds are quite common. Many manufacturers when creating beds rely on the advice given to physicians. Divided the beds by type of actuator that is used to change the position of beds and number of sections. Here you can get the most budget option - functional bed with a mechanical drive. Adjusting the bed is in manual mode due to the special clamps.

If the patient is difficult to adjust the bed manually, I suggest you look to more modern models that are equipped with electric drive. Changing the position in bed is carried out using the remote control.

The choice of bed is also advisable to pay attention to the number of partitions. It's simple – the more sections, the easier it is for the patient to adopt a comfortable position.

In our online shop you can buy medical bed with one, two, three or four sections. Keep in mind that it is better to buy a bed with four sections, is particularly relevant this advice for medical institutions, such as the bed will be much more functional than a bed with only one partition.

Price of hospital bed depends on what functions it can perform, and the material of the whole structure. Increases the price of the bed additional equipment in the form of removable fencing, tables for food and sanitary equipment.

How to use medical bed

Presented in our shop beds are delivered to the buyer unassembled. To assemble the design is easy, if you follow the instructions. After Assembly of the patient's bed should be laid in such a way that he felt discomfort and had free access to the switch position of the bed. Please note that the wheels of the bed was definitely on the brake.

Occasionally need a sanitized bed.

Functional medical bed is an essential thing not only in hospitals but in homes where bedridden patients. In our online store you can not only order and buy the bed, but also to arrange the delivery within Ukraine.

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