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Quality and modern medical equipment constantly used in the medical institutions of the country. Such equipment includes various types and technical means, but one of the most common types are the various chairs, medical tables and beds for performing various medical procedures. Medical chair should be modern, comfortable and convenient for the patient, it must fully meet their functional purpose, to be versatile, durable and relatively inexpensive. We have:

  1. the Barany chair,
  2. armchair couch cosmetic
  3. chairs wheelchairs for the disabled,
  4. the toilet seat and other medical chairs

Our online store offers to buy of numerous medical chair worthy of attention prices

We can buy a chair with wheels toilet for disabled people. It has a unique design that allows for full and effective care for those patients who have a dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. It is equipped with four wheels that makes it mobile, it can be applied in different situations while caring for a sick or disabled person. A wheelchair the wheelchair toilet shall be made of durable and quality materials that ensure its long-term use under conditions of constant use.

The Barany chair, a gurney, at the best price

Best prices in our online store. The Barany chair, a gurney is used to test the operation of the vestibular apparatus in humans. It is fully adapted to the whole procedure of verification of the vestibular apparatus. Its design is the seat, which is mounted on four pillars. With rear hand set knob, which allows you to bring the chair into rotation. During the procedure ensures complete safety of the patient, this is achieved through the use of special fasteners.

Buy medical kresila

Buy beauty chair-bed. Which is intended for use during cosmetic procedures, in particular, for pedicure. Its design includes three sections, including a full featured section for the legs. The chair is in use, there is a special backrest height adjustment. There are different options for the use of the armrests – they can remain in the standard position, but can also be laid back. To buy this chair in the beauty parlor, and in any medical institution.

The wide range includes ENT chair wheelchair with sanitary equipment. This special chair is intended for inspections and carrying out physiotherapy and ENT procedures fiziokabinet. Special design allows to fix the head and neck of the patient to adjust the backrest height and tilt angle of the chair. In our shop chair trolley you can buy at an attractive price.

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