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Medical bed

Medical beds are an important element of the furnishing of health facilities where patients are being treated in hospital. This medical furniture is in demand in hospitals, hospitals. Can not do without it in intensive care units, intensive care, rehabilitation, detention facilities.

The possibility of the use of medical beds

The med beds are available with various designs used to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • the initial examination of patients and performing a range of diagnostic procedures (ultrasound, EKG) to monitor progress of treatment;
  • implementation of medical manipulations;
  • transportation of patients who need surgery, resuscitation, in the appropriate ward of the hospital;
  • creation of conditions for day and night's sleep, individuals who are undergoing treatment in hospital or under the supervision of experts (quarantined);
  • the placement of patients who need to stay in bed;
  • increase the comfort of bedridden patients, more simple and convenient conduct of health and medical procedures.

The types of beds for medical institutions

In a broad sense beds for medical facilities includes inspection and treatment couches, trolleys for patient transport (wheelchairs). Both categories of beds for hospitals designed to accommodate the patient. Couches are not in the wards but in the offices of specialists, treatment, handling, winders mobile.

Medical bed, which are installed in the chambers can be divided into 2 large categories:

  • took place for hospital patients, insulator, able to stand up, to walk on his own;
  • functional for seriously ill patients, individuals with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, those who are recovering from surgery, injury, serious illness.

The first category is a normal bed for sleeping. Their bed is generally not divided into sections or rises and subsides only the head restraint, it was convenient to sit during the day. Functional medical beds are designed for patients who are forced to spend in bed most of the day. They are divided into several sections, the position of the majority is changing, adjusted. This design allows to give the patient the most comfortable position for sleep and wakefulness, eating, and conducting a series of procedures to improve blood flow. The division into sections may not be only vertical (head, spinal, pelvic, foot), but also longitudinal, so as to turn over patients lying on the side. Moving sections is provided by the muscular effort of the staff (mechanical beds), or by using a worm gear, pneumatic, electric actuator.

The main difference between functional beds is the number of sections. Two-section medical beds have a movable head section, whereby the patient can lie down and sit up in bed. Three-section medical beds allow you to adjust the position of the feet, lift the pelvis, to choose the most comfortable position considering the diagnosis. Four-section medical beds are the most functional and comfortable for patients with serious diseases, cardiac problems, injuries to the locomotor apparatus. regulates the position of the head, pelvic and foot sections.

Functional beds can also be equipped with:

  • fixed or removable bumpers to improve the safety of the patient;
  • section with an opening that is closed by a plug, and a shelf under the ship;
  • adaptations for installation of various medical equipment, for example, stands under the drip, holders;
  • mini-table for convenience meals;
  • device for lifting patients.

Buy beds for hospitals in Ukraine

GK "the Covenant", a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of medical furniture and equipment, offers to buy single-section and two, three, four sectional medical bed of its own production, as well as couches, trolleys. Durable metal frame made of bent pipe, no sharp corners for safety. Powder coating of frame and upholstery viniliskozhi hygienic, easily cleaned, disinfected. All models, except the stationary one-body equipped with wheels with brake. You can buy medical bed with mattress and without possible equipment under the order of additional structural elements.

A wide range of medical beds allows you to choose the models for patients with different diagnoses. GK "the Covenant" offers its products at the most affordable prices and delivers medical beds throughout Ukraine.

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