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Medical bed

Medical beds are structurally different from the models that are used in everyday life. Bed for bedridden patients designed in such a way that the patient can make the most comfortable from a physiological point of view, the situation easier to tolerate his condition and staff or relatives was easier to care for him.

The use of medical beds

Bed for patients used mainly in hospitals medical institutions. Without these beds are indispensable in offices, where the treatment or early postoperative rehabilitation of patients with limited mobility. They are also popular in nursing homes and other social institutions. If one of the family members is seriously ill and can not move independently, but in constant medical supervision is not needed, it makes sense to buy or rent a hospital bed for home use.

Bed for bedridden patients made up of several sections, the angle can be changed. Depending on the model, additional options, medical bed that can perform many functions:

  • placing the patient in a semi-sitting position, more comfortable than normal speed, reduce the load on the abdominal muscles and prevent stagnation in the lungs, digestive tract;
  • giving a sitting position with lowered legs to mealtime to normalize heart function;
  • reducing the formation of pressure ulcers by using special mattress;
  • a simple turning of the patient on the side to change the position of the body, prevention of bedsores, care facilities;
  • prevention of patient falls while sleeping, transportation;
  • the height adjustment of the bed for the convenience of independent descent of the bed, inspection and medical interventions, the shifting of the patient on the gurney;
  • the simple movement of the patient along with the bed;
  • fixing the body or separate parts in the desired position;
  • facilitating independent movement of a patient from the prone position in a sitting position;
  • the hood of the limbs after injury;
  • a convenient implementation of the hygiene procedures.

Varieties of beds for bedridden patients

Took place of the bed, fixed and mobile, have no moving sections, they are suitable for patients whose condition allows you to get out of bed to move around. Bed for bedridden patients are classified according to the number of partitions (1 to 4) and type of drive, also there are versions with additional options, features. One unit in the raised beds and fixed to the desired angle, only the head section in two-section changing angle of head and foot sections. In three-section head, pelvic and leg plates are movable, and in four-section except they have a stationary intermediate panel located between the head and the hip.

Depending on the method of changing the angle of inclination of the sections of the bed are divided into:

  • a mechanical section driven by the muscular force and secured with a lock. These beds for patients cheaper, but require considerable physical effort, especially if the patient is complete;
  • with worm drive screw system of levers;
  • with pneumoproteins;
  • electrically operated, remote control with the remote control, the most modern and expensive, but most convenient, the control is performed without effort. With preservation of the intelligence and mobility of the arms to change the position of sections of the patient;
  • combined, as well as with electric and emergency power.

By the presence of additional functions allocate beds:

  • toilet device – a hole in the partition and a shelf under the ship;
  • with orthopaedic base made of slats;
  • with the function turning on its side (head and pelvic sections split longitudinally into 2 halves, each may rise);
  • sinking to the floor with a foot section (bed-cardiocross);
  • with height adjustment;
  • Balkan frame – a device for tightening the housing, fixing of the legs in the raised, extended position;
  • with fence, fixed or removable, made in the form of wooden slats, aluminium frame with vertical rods, plastic blinds.

To purchase a medical bed in Kiev and Ukraine

The manufacturer of medical equipment Covenant offers to buy medical beds for different purposes:

  • functional, with a different number of sections;
  • for restless patients of psychoneurological profile, made of durable metal profile equipped with fixtures, which are attached to the straps;
  • obstetric for obstetrics and transformer design;
  • trauma, 4-section, with double traction.

The breadth of the range – not only our dignity. All equipment and machinery offered by the company "Covenant", are carefully selected and quality control. We set reasonable prices for goods, provide expert advice on the selection of beds and other medical equipment. By prompt delivery from Kiev to any city of Ukraine. And if you need maintenance and repair of medical equipment, we will make it qualitatively and in a short time.

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