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Medical couches

The couch is a necessary item of equipment of a medical office. This kind of medical furniture demand by many experts and is used in medical institutions of different profiles. Today, manufacturers of medical equipment produce dozens of varieties of highly specialized and multifunctional models for different purposes, they have an ergonomic design.

The use of the couch

The main purpose of medical couches, which give the patient the most comfortable position during examination or any procedures. It should be reliable, comfortable for the patient and caregivers safe, have a hygienic coating, which is easy to clean and disinfected. After each patient the expected surface twice with an interval of a quarter of an hour to process a disinfecting solution of chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide, the concentration of the solution should match the level of disinfection (risk of transmission).

Different models of this furniture are used for:

  • simple primary and a more detailed examination of the patient, as well as hardware diagnostics (ultrasound, ECG);
  • a series of diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations, taking tests, setting injections and enemas;
  • of patient care, in particular, the seams, ligation;
  • the massage;
  • placement of the patient for the period of the physiotherapy sessions;
  • cosmetic procedures;
  • temporal organization of beds;
  • rest of patients in the waiting room.

This furniture is used in public health facilities and private medical offices when equipped with spas, massage centers, beauty clinics and centers of aesthetic medicine.

The variety medicinsk couches

The couches have different design features, so that the frame can be metal, all-welded or dismountable, and wood. The bed is solid bed or sectional. The division into several sections and the possibility of their rotation, elevation angle allows us to give the patient the most comfortable position, especially if the multi-stage adjustment mechanism. There are transformers that can transform into a chair, models with adjustable height, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric, manual, foot switch and remote control. In addition to the fixed mobile products are available on wheels that can be moved within the office or down the hall, to use as wheelchairs. Different furniture items dimensions, the maximum load that can withstand, for massive patients best buy reinforced model with a frame of increased strength.

But the main principle of classification is to assign, on the basis of day beds are divided into:

  • benches for waiting patients;
  • the observation, which, in turn, are divided into standard and sectional adults and children;
  • procedural, can have design features for the convenience of those or other manipulations. For example, a bed with a hole for washing the intestine, the headrest can be lowered below the main section for ENT procedures, integrated cupboard for storage of tools, bandaging materials;
  • gynecological, with footrest, can be used as a viewing and treatment;
  • physiotherapy, usually for security reasons equipped with a wooden frame, which does not carry electric current;
  • massage, are characterized by high strength and allow you to give the most comfortable massage position, in which the body relaxes. Often have a cutout for the face in the headrest, can be equipped with additional hand-sides;
  • cosmetology sectional with flexible adjustment, can usually be transformed into a chair.

To buy a couch in Kiev and Ukraine

GK "the Covenant" offers to buy different models of beds for examination of patients, various procedures and manipulations of equipment, physiotherapy and massage rooms. A variety of simple standard products and multi-sectional, with the design most suitable for a particular purpose. Also the range includes tables, rollers for massage.

We offer the best ratio of price and quality, all pieces of furniture are durable, robust design, wear-resistant hygienic coating. The system of wholesale discounts provide additional savings. You can place your order on the website, to pay invoice or to pay by credit card online. It is also possible to loan. By prompt delivery in Kiev and Ukraine, we use our own vehicles or employ the services of reliable carriers.

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