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Mattresses medical

Pressure ulcers – a severe complication of many diseases, which is very difficult to deal with. These unpleasant effects occur with prolonged compression of the tissues, accompanied by violation of microcirculation and trophism, the formation of ulcerative skin lesions. To combat these complications you can buy anti-bedsore mattresses. It is an effective tool for patients who move a little, long time in bed, not getting up.

The use of anti-bedsore mattress

Противопролежневый матрасMattress from bed sores has a special structure that prevents abnormal compression of the tissues of the skin. It is recommended to use the disabled, bedridden patients, individuals who are not able to serve fully. The mattress cover was submitted by the special structure through which the patient effectively distributes the weight of your body while lying down. Mattress medical has a range of effects:

  • Helps to improve blood circulation in the tissues of the body.
  • Reduces muscle tension while relaxing.
  • Profilaktirujut the occurrence of the violation of the locomotor apparatus.
  • Has a massage effect.
  • Counteracts the formation of ulcerative processes.
  • Improves sleep.

This mattress fit over standard and is covered with a special absorbent sheets. Depending on the design, this device can connect the compressor. When choosing a model it is important to pay attention to the size and weight of the load, which gives the weight of the patient. The cost of the mattress from bed sores depends on its functionality, the quality of the material from which made the product.

The variety of mattresses from bed sores

Anti-decubitus mattress can be static or dynamic. This fundamental difference is based on the nature of action and the indications for the use of the product.

Static, in its principle similar to usual mattresses. Their main task is to minimize the pressure and stress on problem areas of the body that often suffer as a result of bedsores. Therefore, static mattresses have a special shape follows the curves in the area of the upper arms, buttocks, ankles and heels. Filler in this type of products is the polyurethane foam, there are also wire mesh mattresses with gel filling. Static mattresses are best suited for people who spend most of their time in bed, but rise from it and unable to move independently. Therefore, this mattress from bed sores are able to fulfill their mission in full.

Медицинский непромокаемый матрац от пролежнейThe mattresses are of the dynamic type have a more complex structure. These products contain a large number of hollow cells that fill with air through a special compressor. Due to the pressure, which changes constantly, to create a light massage effect. Such cells can inflate and deflate alternately, which reduces the load on areas of the body and enhances the massage effect. This type of product is best suited for people with a regular bed routine. They can be used not only for prevention but also in treatment against bedsores. Dynamic mattresses also have some varieties:

  • Cellular dynamic mattresses. Have a cell structure. Are used not only for prevention but also in treatment already developed bedsores easy and moderate severity. There is one drawback that is important to know before you buy wire mesh mattress in Kiev - it is not intended for patients weighing over 120 kg.
  • Tubular dynamic mattresses. Have the structural feature - they consist of cylinders, which are represented as cylinders. The cycle of inflation and deflation alternately alternates for each cylinder, which even further increases the massage effect of the mattress. The medical mattress can be used for patients weighing more than 120 pounds, and with pressure sores not only the average but also severe.

Some dynamic mattresses have additional functionality in the form of a blowout. This property is best suited for heavily sweating patients, the currents of air dried skin, which also reduces the risk of bedsores.

To buy anti-bedsore mattresses in Kiev and Ukraine

Quality mattresses fully corresponds to the price of the goods, the manufacturer of the Ukraine. To choose the right mattress and to buy a product everyone can afford, because the value of commodity positions available. In case of difficulty with the choice, the store staff will help with advice and will be able to find a suitable for the specific position. All the offered products from domestic producers have necessary certificates of quality. We deliver products to all cities of Ukraine, to inspect the goods, you can visit the office located in Kiev.

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