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The price of medical cover

In all hospitals patients have to be next to each other. To ensure their comfort during procedures and of diagnostic studies requires the use of special pieces of furniture such as medical trolleys, medical tripod, beds, wardrobes and of course medical cover. Due to this folding and mobile walls, it is possible to isolate the doctor and the patient.

Medical screen

Medical screen divides the space medical office for several areas of functional type. This ensures the maximum comfort and privacy manipulations as for the doctor and for the patient.

With regard to the scope of application, medical partitions are often used in surgery, gynecology and intensive care. But the health cover will not be superfluous to the treatment and any study relevant specialist.

Screen partition two-piece medical

Health cover helps you cope with the discomfort of the patient during procedures or examinations. In addition, sometimes it can be used in order to ensure patient privacy. For example, in intensive care units, men and women are sometimes in one chamber, and because the use of mobile partitions and zoning is necessary.

Screen medical 3 and 2 sectional

There is a screen medical a few modifications: 1, 2, and 3-section. The more partitions has partition, so it is wider and more comfortable. However, one should not forget that sets medical screen usually female nurses, so the piece of furniture should not be too bulky and heavy. Otherwise, for travel medical cover must be equipped with special wheels that make its operation as easy as possible.

The optimal solution is a curtain (partition) medical two-piece. It is equipped with wheels, it does not is more weight.

But the final decision about the choice of a particular model is for the client, in our online shop you can buy medical screen has a 1, 2 or 3 sections. The price of the product (medical screen) depends on the material of manufacture, design and presence of additional functional parts.

Buy cheap medical cover

When the question arises, where to buy medical screen, from a financial point of view, better to give preference to the online stores. As you know, trading platforms operating in online mode, can provide more competitive price for their products. This fully applies to the special equipment.

If you need a medical section screen you want to order and purchase a particular model, check out the catalog of our online store: on its pages you can find detailed description of each screen presented. A detailed description, as well as competent consultation of our managers will help you make the right choice. And the optimal ratio of price-quality once again confirms the correctness of purchase!

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