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Medical cabinets

Cabinets are essential pieces of furniture not only for home but also for various medical institutions. Wardrobe simultaneously performs several different functions, the main of which is storage of various items and protect them from exposure to the environment. Medical cabinets are different, their design varies depending on the intended purpose. All models presented in our catalog, we can medical furniture such as laboratory fume cabinets, instrument tables, beds, functional buy at moderate prices. We have a double-leaf metal Cabinet medical, Cabinet medical CMM and even medical glass Cabinet.

To purchase medical cabinets for storing medicines

Medical cabinets for storage of medicines are also used for special equipment, instruments, dressings, etc. This Cabinet is most often installed in doctors ' offices, treatment and handling areas, as well as in hospital wards. Often it is used for equipping pharmacies. The convenience of this rack lies in its specially designed construction, the presence of a large number of shelves for storage of medicines, capacity of the internal space. Medical Cabinet is arranged in such a way that all necessary medicines and instruments are on view.

Buy medical cabinets, metal medical supplies at the best price in our online store: the price will surprise you (especially in comparison with the prices in stationary shops). Online shopping is always economical. And our experience and knowledge, established connections with reliable suppliers give the opportunity to take care of their customers by offering them quality goods at a reasonable cost.

Cabinet for medical instruments and clothing

Our online store offers to buy a case for medical instruments and clothing: the price of these models is minimal (as in the case for drugs) in comparison with the price of our competitors. The requirements for this piece of furniture a standard medical Cabinet should be spacious and comfortable when using. Clients very rarely require medical Cabinet consistent with the stylistic design of the Cabinet, but we can cope with such tasks!

The price of medical double wardrobe with safe

Sometimes medical Cabinet must simultaneously play the role of safe, especially if we are talking about expensive drugs or drugs that have narcotic side effects. Safety Deposit box is a special type of Cabinet which is securely locked successfully "opposed" to hacking attempts.

Some medical cabinets for clothes and tools can be equipped with an additional closing office - safe. One of these medicine cabinets can be bought in our online store. The price of medical double wardrobe with a safe, slightly more than the cost of an ordinary wardrobe, but it is justified by its functionality.

A wide range of our store is a wide variety of cabinets: various sizes, material production, organization of internal space. All of them are made from quality materials and fully ensure the fulfillment of required functions.

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