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In medical institutions every day a wide range of manipulation, so all hospital premises should be equipped with comfortable and functional furniture. Treatments, operations, blood sampling for laboratory investigations is convenient to use the medical table. This furniture can be of varying shape, size, made of various material.

The application of medical tables

Медицинский столMedical tables are widely used in the practice of health professionals. No hospital can do without this equipment. These tables can be used for storage of tools, medicine, medical material. Also, they can be used in operating theatres or the massage parlors for therapeutic manipulation of the patient. Functional tables are used in laboratories, treatment rooms and breakout rooms.

Each model of the table must meet the following criteria:

  • It is important that the wheels have special protection to prevent injury to patients and medical staff.
  • Made from safe materials.
  • Vehicle bumpers, so that the tools do not fall onto the floor.
  • The resistant to cleaning, cleaning solutions.
  • Fully meets the conditions of staff.

Only the medical model of table that exactly meets these criteria will be most beneficial for employee health.

A variety of medical tables

Manipulation the table can be used in various branches of medical practice. There is a universal model, which can be applied in any medical facility and options that are used only in certain branches. There are also handling tables simple, familiar designs and variants with additional equipment.

The purpose of this furniture is divided into:

  • Us. This bedside, mobile models that are used to provide comfortable conditions for patients. Apply for distribution of medicines convenient the manipulation of the sick, of feeding.
  • Tables for instruments. Medical table which is used for storage of sterile and non-sterile instrumentation, material. In its design has special protections, bumpers to avoid the possibility of falling tools. Made of durable, reliable material which is resistant to aggressive detergents.
  • A table for the newborn. Used for changing the manipulation, examination infants. Has a stable design, completely safe for the baby.
  • Model manipulation table for special purpose. These tables are distinguished by the presence of additional niches, shelves, tiers, trays and coasters. There are models for installation endoscopic, ophthalmic equipment, to conduct microscopy. Some tables have additional fixtures, fasteners, mechanisms for changing the configuration of the structure. Also the tables are equipped with more secure tools. Can be used for doctors of different specialties – dentists, anesthesiologists, gynecologists.

Медицинский стол в КиевеAll tables vary greatly in shape, size. There is a model completely made from metal, plastic, glass, or composite materials. You can buy a table that is covered with absorbent and waterproof material. There is also a model manipulation tables, equipped with means for attachment to medical devices, holders, systems of repositioning or stretching. In our online shop you can choose and order the most comfortable, convenient and functional table model for any purpose. Before applying the furniture can be viewed at our warehouse in Kiev.

Buy medical table in Kiev and Ukraine

Buy medical table in the online store much easier than to choose the right model at a retail store. We offer an extensive catalog of products at a reasonable and affordable price. Also in the online store Testament can successfully pick up and other medical equipment, specialized furniture.

We have presented the different positions of the medical tables. There is always the opportunity to choose and buy the right model. All tables are made of quality, durable materials. Manufacturer – Ukraine, so the prices on all positions is profitable, and the quality is high. You can buy them not only for healthcare but also for personal use. Because this furniture is very comfortable and functional. The goods covered by the warranty, all positions have the necessary certificates. We deliver tables and other medical supplies to all cities of Ukraine. Before purchase, every customer can get professional advice from the managers of the online store.

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