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Quartz lamps

Quartz lamp is a germicidal emitter, which is used to obtain ultraviolet radiation. It can be used to effectively fight viruses, various microorganisms, and improve the metabolism, strengthen the immune system. Buy this lamp not only for medical institutions but also for household use. There is always the possibility to choose the right model of the radiator in Kiev for treatment, disease prevention.

The use of quartz lamp

Кварцевая лампаQuartz lamps are widely used in modern medicine. In health care, these devices can be used in different ways.

  • Processing rooms. For quartz treatment rooms used reflectors, where the light source is a quartz lamp. The main feature of this device is the ozone during operation. This gas has a high-quality disinfecting effect, promotes the destruction of bacteria, fungi, viruses. Quartz lamps should include the premises shall be thoroughly treated all the surfaces. For example – manipulation, facilities for vaccination, surgical, dressing.
  • Kvartsevanie of skin and mucous membranes. Germicidal emission device has a medicinal effect in the treatment of diseases of different etiology. It can be used to activate metabolic processes, to prevent the development of hypovitaminosis, to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. The lamp can be used for the treatment of diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, with damage to the nervous and respiratory systems.

These lamps can be used not only in medical institutions. They are widely used in areas with large concentrations of people (schools, kindergartens, offices). Also, such a medical equipment it is recommended to purchase for use at home. Need power, duration and number of sessions can only be set by the attending doctor. For domestic purposes it is necessary to apply models of lamps that do not emit ozone. These models are completely safe and prices are lower, more accessible.

The types of mercury-quartz lamps

Ртутно-кварцевая лампаTo pick up the best option among these medical devices, you should familiarize yourself with their types. Quartz transducers can be divided for the purpose, the type of feed, design, method of fastening, square. If you determine in advance the purpose for which you need to buy a quartz bulb, there are no difficulties in the choice of a particular variant should not be.

The type of lamps are divided into open and closed irradiators (shielded) type. If a mercury-quartz lamp of open type, the front of her work room free from people, animals. This is due to the fact that the quartz produce ozone, which is dangerous not only for microbes but also for other living organisms. Shielded quartz lamp is devoid of this shortcoming.

By design, mercury-quartz lamps are divided into open and closed (recyclers). If in an open system ultraviolet radiation without obstruction freely spreads around the room, the recyclers air flows through special openings to the lamp where the quartz comes out and is clean from micro-organisms.

By the method of fastening lamps are divided according to the needs to their placement:

  • Wall, mounted. These lamps are stationary, therefore, are based on kvartsevanie one room.
  • Table. This lamp is easy to transport, so is often used for local disinfection on various flat surfaces.
  • Outdoor. Mobile lamp that can be used for different rooms, including large through movement.

Кварцевая лампа в КиевеDon't forget about the lamp power, because this parameter directly affects its efficiency. The larger the room, the greater must be the power. For a room of 15-20 sqm will be enough lamp to 15 W, while for room 40 sq. m., capacity is not enough, it is desirable to select a lamp at 30 watts.

There is also a separate kind of lamp is a quartz lamp for human exposure. They are used for intracavitary, or surface use.

Physiotherapy quartz lamps have the form of a tube. They differ from ordinary lamps mobility and equipment. For example, for the ENT-bodies, the tubes have sections at various angles and multiple diameters, which can be used for both adults and children with different anatomical features. In addition to tubes, these devices have a valve which is very easy to control the surface area of the treated lamp.

Buy quartz lamp in Kiev, delivery to Ukraine

We offer quartz lamps from domestic manufacturers, so the prices on all items low available. All trading positions are carried out efficiently, and therefore meet the standards. For products covered by the warranty. Prior to purchase the item, you can see and verify in the main office in Kiev.

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