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Everyone knows that eyesight is an essential and important gift, given to you by the universe. It is important to do everything possible to as long as possible to maintain visual acuity. If you observe some rules and to care for your eyes, then to preserve vision, which will allow you to see and read without glasses, it is possible to old age.

It should be noted that not always respect the vision may keep it for a long time. The causes of visual impairment, which does not depend on the person, the following:

heredity. It is possible that the family were people experiencing problems with visual acuity are inherited;

Work always sit at the computer or work with dangerous chemicals without protection, one will notice that you see this world not as much as before;

eyes are delicate organs, so even minor injuries can lead to complete loss of vision.

How to protect your eyesight

This question confronts every man. First, it is necessary to detect the problem at an early stage, the longer the delay the visit to the doctor, the less likely it is that visual acuity recovered. Only specialists and quality equipment for ophthalmology will help to identify the source of problems.

To conduct the vision screening, you can not only in specialized clinics, the necessary equipment began to appear in stores that sell glasses and contact lenses. Such outlets will not only check your vision but also to buy the appropriate glasses.

Tools ophthalmologist

Be divided tools of the ophthalmologist into two types: tools General directions and specialized tools. The first type of tools intended for patient examination and diagnosis, special equipment designed for surgery when sight to the other methods fails.

Ophthalmic instruments before being used, must undergo a mandatory sterile processing, which is carried out in special boxes. If the attending physician ignores the tools it is advisable to find someone else, otherwise, instead of recovery can further worsen due to infections.

In addition to the standard instruments every ophthalmologist, vision diagnostics is carried out with the help of specialized equipment. Modern ophthalmic equipment capable of diagnosing the presence of vision problems in the initial stage of their appearance.

Among the prevalent equipment are usually distinguished:

  • ophthalmometry which can be used to determine the radius of curvature of the cornea patients;
  • slit lamps are used to study the anterior and posterior of the human eye, can detect even hidden problems;
  • non-contact tonometers used by ophthalmologists to measure intraocular pressure.

Are the owner of eye clinic? You must make arrangements to acquire the necessary tools and equipment. Only modern equipment to conduct quality diagnosis of vision in patients of all ages.

Our company is ready to offer a varied range of products for ophthalmic surgeries. Here you can find not only common equipment, but rare instances of diagnostic machines. In addition, our company is ready to offer a range of projectors signs that apply to any patient.

Cooperation with our company guarantees high-quality equipment and reasonable prices. The firm works in Kiev, it is possible to arrange delivery of equipment in the region.

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