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Paraffin heaters

Paraffin heating device

This apparatus is intended for heating and disinfection ozokerite, paraffin and other substances. Due to the fact that during heating occurs bactericidal treatment, paraffin and other compounds based on it can be further used for preventive, curative, cosmetic and other procedures.

The paraffin heater can significantly reduce energy costs and to implement all necessary actions with the drugs at the optimal time. All this makes the paraffin heating device, buy which is now in most stores of medical equipment, an essential attribute in a physical therapy office or Department.

The price of paraffin heating device cascade

Before you buy paraffin heating device, it is necessary to pay attention to its functional features, which can be fundamentally important when using:

  1. First, it is recommended to buy a heater for wax with a sufficient level of thermal insulation. During operation of the apparatus is heated, sometimes to quite high temperatures. If paraffin heating device is well insulated, it is completely safe when in contact with the appliance-risk of burns no.
  2. Second, paraffin heating device must be designed that will provide the most efficient procedure of the melting – operation in the power saving mode will significantly increase the service life of the device. In addition, note how prefinancial merge processed paraffin: it is better, if the device is equipped with a special crane from quality material for adjustment process.

Best price for those looking to buy paraffin heating device

Of course, an important criterion for those who want to buy paraffin heating device, is its price. This equipment is quite complex, so the quality and safe use of the product can not cost cheap.

Function, which performs the paraffin heating device, are used to provide a variety of treatments at physical therapy offices and can not be replaced by others technical equipment. If you need the best price to buy paraffin heating device, it is best to buy it through the online store. The cost of devices of all types, including the price of paraffin heating device cascade, in online stores, as a rule, much lower than in conventional stores.

In our online store you can buy paraffin heating device

Like other technical tools of this type, the paraffin heating device is designed for melting paraffin and other substances on its basis. Paraffin heating device of our catalogue you can buy for sanatorium and the clinic or hospital. The capacitance of the device varies, depending on the wishes of the customer: it can range from 2 to 24 litres. Important! Paraffin heating device should be used under certain conditions: the relative humidity must not exceed 80 % and the temperature range from +10 to +35C.
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