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Massage cushions

Massage roller – accessory, without which not to manage in clinics, spas, fitness centers and other places where the massage. Some types of rollers for massage you can buy for use at home, session of self-massage, gymnastics.

The use of massage cushion

Cushion for massage is an important supporting detail to the massage table. Some models of massage tables and couches are equipped with internal movable headrests that allow you to gently, but securely fix the patient's head in the process procedures. If the table consists of several sections, you can position them at an angle to each other, to create support for the legs, to give the body the desired position.

If the table or couch have a simple design, to empower them, you can use massage rollers with different configuration. These products make the massage more comfortable for the patient and help to hold it correctly. Cushions for massage table is possible:

  • for use in areas of natural depressions of the body, beneath the waist, neck, knee joints, to ensure optimal focus, relax muscles, normalize blood flow and make the massage more effective;
  • put under his head lying on the patient's back instead of a flat cushion that slightly lift it and avoid dizziness;
  • to use in the process of performing a massage of the arms, legs to fix them in the raised position, so the patient had to strain holding the limb in the air, and the therapist got access to it on all sides.
  • move in the course of the massage, giving the patient's body position and providing access to the area that needs to be worked at this stage. (In three-piece models, a similar effect is achieved by adjusting the position of sections).

In addition to accessories for massage tables, there are massage rollers (cylinders, rollers, roller), which themselves serve as massagers. They are commonly used for self massage allow deep enough to work on soft tissue to increase blood circulation and lymph flow. Models with embossed surface also ensures the stimulation of the reflex points.

The varieties of rollers for massage

Массажный валикMassage rollers are very diverse, their klassificeret according to various criteria:

  • the purpose of the massage rollers for the back, legs, feet, face. In a separate group can be distinguished sport cylinders for myofascial massage;
  • degree of hardness – soft, medium hard and hard. The first is for initial sessions, patients with muscular dystrophy, spasms and clamps. The second is optimal for therapeutic, relaxing massage, others for the deep local muscles;
  • depending on the terrain – smooth, with rough surface, uneven, needle-like. Provides for a deep study of pain points;
  • depending on the material (filler) – natural wood, stone, rubber, silicone, plastic, foam-cushions of foamed polymers.

Rollers for massage on a special table (the couch) is usually covered with artificial leather, and before the procedure on them for reasons of hygiene and a more pleasant tactile sensations to put on removable fabric covers. These cushions differ in the degree of stiffness of the elastic filler, the size and cross section. The choice of the shape massage cushion for a particular stage of a massage due to the area of exposure, position of the body of the patient, features of his physique:

  • round (cylindrical) placed under neck, knees during the massage of the abdomen;
  • narrow, in the shape of a truncated cylinder, under the lower leg lying on the stomach of a person during a massage of the back;
  • semicircular, depending on the length and diameter, placed under various body parts to create emphasis;
  • triangular and pentagonal (house) – under the knees, lying on the back of a man, a triangle is also useful to massage lying down
  • a short section resembling a lute, used in baby massage and massage slim people.

To purchase a massage roller in Kiev and Ukraine

Company: Covenant specializiruetsya on sales of medical devices and medical equipment from leading manufacturers. We can buy massage tables and couches, as well as accessories – cushions of different shapes to perform medical and preventive massage of any body parts. Our advantages:

  • we offer high quality massage cushions from hypoallergenic, durable materials;
  • provide professional advice on the selection;
  • the prices are affordable;
  • by prompt delivery from a warehouse in Kiev to any city of Ukraine.

You can place your order through the shopping cart on the website or by phone.

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