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Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS PRO 360
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS PRO 360
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS PRO 360
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS PRO 360
Product Code: AEREKS PRO 360 Zavet

Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS PRO 360

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Industrial recirculator AEREKS PRO 360 is intended for air disinfection in rooms where a large volume in the presence of people and industrial plants, playgrounds, exhibition centers. The powerful fan allows you to move large masses of air through the inner chamber of the recirculator, where there are six germicidal lamps low pressure. Upon contact of bacteria with ultraviolet radiation ionization and air purification. The design of the recirculator allows continuous operation of lamps in the long term. The body of the recirculator is made of high quality steel and painted with polymer coating, resistant to disinfectant solutions. The control module device over Wi-Fi comes as standard!

Country of originUkraine
UV sourceozone free bactericidal lamp
Lamp power, W30
The number of bactericidal lamps, pcs3
Effective lamp life, not less than, h9000
UV radiation power, W33,6
The wavelength of the dominant radiation, nm253,7 nm
Productivity, m3 / h370
Power, W200
Voltage, in standard wall version, V~220+-10%
Scope of usemedical institutions, trade, office and educational premises, food industry, houses, apartments, Fast-food, and vehicles. etc.
Type of installationStationary
Installation methodWall
It is completed with a cordYes
Guarantee, month12
Production material
Body materialMetal
Length, mm355
Width, mm170
Height, mm1300
Gross weight, kg14,0
Recommended disinfection area of premises at N = 3m, m2
I category *25
II, III categories70
IV, V categories140
Note* for category I use alternately with an open feed!

The main advantages of recyclers aerex the company's COVENANT

  1. These recyclers are health, which is confirmed by all certificates, both Ukrainian and international, which guarantees bactericidal efficiency BC up to 99.9%
  2. Recyclers are equipped with high quality bezosnovnymi low pressure lamps Covenant, Philips or OSRAM, with a peak UV radiation 257,3 nm. The resource of these lamps is not less than 9000 hours. The standard recirculator series Aerex Profesinal is equipped with WI FI control.
  3. These recyclers are installed in-line duct fans: the type that ensures stable operation and high efficiency.
    The requirement for recyclers are in the 0.5-5 fold air exchange per hour depending on the building category, otherwise their work is not effective.

Other manufacturers install cooler fans designed for cooling only unit, so I can not provide the necessary air flow. Other manufacturers of germicidal lamp can irradiate only a small volume of air located in the immediate vicinity of such recyclers.

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