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Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15
Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15
Product Code: AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15 Zavet

Recirculator bactericidal AEREKS TRANS AVIA 15

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Recirculator bactericidal Aereks TRANS AVIA is designed for disinfection (quartz treatment) of the air inside the vehicle from viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and other microorganisms by forced air circulation through the zone of irradiation germicidal lamps.

  • Bactericidal recirculators Aereks TRANS AVIA allow disinfection of air in continuous operation in the presence of people;
  • Them on and off can be in manual mode and a preset program;
  • Power can be supplied from both the AC and DC of different voltage;
  • Recyclers are manufactured with vibration-proof construction;
  • Lamp, installed in data recirculators, has a resource of 9000 hours and is no ozone. That will eliminate any discomfort for passengers.

Recommended for use in the categories of transportation:

The use of recyclers will provide safe transportation of passengers, as well as give a competitive advantage over other carriers.

Also, paired with Bactericide Recirculators Aereks TRANS AVIA used Bactericidal irradiators open type, which are used for disinfection of air and surfaces in the absence of people. And the experience of other countries, can be applied in points of sediment transport at the end of the shift or before the shift for rapid and effective disinfection.

Recyclers and reflectors, the company Testament have Ukrainian certificates, such as health equipment and included in the list of anti-epidemic means.

Country of originUkraine
UV sourceozone free bactericidal lamp
Lamp power, W15
The number of bactericidal lamps, pcs1
Effective lamp life, not less than, h9000
UV radiation power, W5,97
The wavelength of the dominant radiation, nm253,7 nm
Productivity, m3 / h105
Power, W50
Voltage, in standard wall version, V-
The voltage in the vibration resistance performance-12В; -24В; -110В
Scope of usevehicles - cars, minibuses, buses, trolleybuses, trams, subways, electric trains, trains, planes, ambulances, etc.
Type of installationStationary
Installation methodWall / Ceiling
It is completed with a cordYes
Guarantee, month12
Production material
Body materialAluminum
Length, mm655
Width, mm120
Height, mm120
Gross weight, kg-
Recommended disinfection area of premises at N = 3m, m2
I category *5
II, III categories25
IV, V categories50
Note* for category I use alternately with an open feed!
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