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The doctor, regardless of working in a modern equipped hospital, or in an old clinic in the village knows that the key to successful treatment of patients sterilization of equipment. Disinfection of instruments with which inspection is performed of the patient, prevents the further spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Important the issue of sterilization of equipment and instruments arises in the case if it is necessary to conduct surgery. In such situations without proper equipment is not enough. In our online shop you can order equipment for sterilization, which will do the work for you.

Methods of processing medical instruments

Clinic in addition to the use of special apparatus, used a number of techniques that are not worse get rid of viruses and bacteria. Methods of handling tools and equipment:

  • thermal (steam treatment under high pressure, helps to get rid of most viruses;
  • chemical (with the help of special chemical solutions such as alcohol);
  • radiation (equipment exposed to radiation, which destroys bacteria, but does not affect patients in the future).
  • plasma and ozone method (modern methods of processing equipment for medical clinics).

Specialized equipment for processing

Make life easier for physicians, the advent of modern machines, which help to fight dangerous infections automatically. Immerse instruments after use in a special box, after some time they can be used again. Such a device is a sterilizer for tools. It should be noted that such equipment be useful not only in healthcare institutions, but also in beauty salons, where the purity of the fixtures, such as manicure no less important.

Our company is ready to offer a wide range of equipment for sterilization. Between devices of different treatment principle tools. So, there are ultraviolet, air and steam sterilizers.

Ultraviolet sterilizers have a broad scope. So, they demand:

  • in health care institutions;
  • in beauty salons and nail salons;
  • in catering establishments.

Modern equipment for sterilization is also able to purify the air from pathogens and UV water purification in the pool.

Medical air sterilizers work on the principle of dryers for clothes. However, the tools are processed by the stream of air whose temperature is significantly above the temperature of the dryers. The main advantage of this equipment can be called low energy consumption. Air stabilizers are considered to be the most reliable compared to other devices.

In the box steam sterilization of instruments is carried out by the flow of steam under pressure, the bacteria are destroyed due to high temperature.

Whichever instrument you ultimately choose, remember that not all viruses can be removed with steam or ultraviolet lamps, if such bacteria which can survive even in extreme conditions. Consider this factor.

Our company will help buy the necessary apparatus for disinfection, depending on what field it is applied. Our products have certificates of quality and will last more than one year.

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