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The distiller, medical

Aquadistillator is a special device, the main functional purpose of which is to clean the water from harmful impurities. The method of distillation (or distillation of water) is recognized worldwide as one of the most versatile and effective methods of cleaning.

The use of aquadistillator

As a rule, apparatus for distillation of water (or distiller) are used in medical institutions – hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories for drinking water purification from radionuclides. The procedure is similar to the process which occurs in nature in a natural way – first, the water turns to steam, then condenseries, and then is collected in the form of precipitation. The essence of the procedure, which provides equipment for the distillation of water is that when water evaporates, flushing out all of the contained impurities.

There are different types of distiller: for example, distiller water te 2 4 (02) emo has a capacity of 4, and the second type and designed for the production of pure distilled water in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and other institutions.

Medical laboratory and pharmacy distiller

Distiller water is of several types:

  • fire,
  • electric with the function of water treatment
  • electric with a built-in collection.

In addition to the various heating methods and the design of these units also differ in level of performance – they have different power.

Important! Before you buy a water distiller (in Ukraine), be sure to pay attention to these options: the more powerful the machine, the higher its performance. This is especially important in public places with large flow of people.

The functions of the distiller in medicine and life

It is worth noting that modern medical distiller (pharmacy or lab) also has the function of preparation of hot or cold distillate, which allows to satisfy the need for pharmacies to prepare solutions of the high saturation.

Another useful feature of the device is the ability to automatically disconnect. If a centralized water supply is stopped, the distiller for water can be combined with a collector for purified water in a single system. The complete volume autodeclaration capacity of the collection will be automatic and complete shutdown. After the distilled water does not contain nitrates, nitrites, calcium salts, sulfates, carbon dioxide and various impurities of heavy metals.

Buy desktop water distiller at the best price

In our store you can buy distiller (medical apparatus for water distillation or domestic aquadistillator), as well as many other devices as reflectors for water, various ultraviolet camera. In total we have presented five different models. The price of water distiller varies depending on the technical parameters of the machine, its size and capacity (i.e. performance): the more powerful and bigger aquadistillator, the higher its price. Before you buy water distillers, decide with the required specifications.

If you have any questions, our managers will provide you satisfactory answers, will help to choose and fast delivery service will allow you to buy any distiller in every region in Ukraine, although our store is geographically located in the city of Kiev.

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