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Camera UV

The UV camera is a special device used for storing medical instruments, previously of past full sterilization. The main function of this bactericidal chamber is to prevent the re-contamination of the sterile medical tool with different microorganisms. This feature is extremely important as used medical instruments, particularly those used in dentistry, are constantly in contact with blood, mucous membranes or saliva of patients.

It should be remembered that the UV camera does not sterilize tools, but only supports them in this state. It is a mistake to call this apparatus of the ultraviolet sterilizer for tools, implying the implementation of the anti-microbial treatment, he only maintains a sterile "level".

Buy UV camera need medical institution

UV cameras are needed in every medical facility. UV chamber for storage of sterile instruments is an indispensable technical means to ensure the safety of patients, without its application, there is always a risk of accidental contamination of a patient after repeated contamination. Luggage storage of sterile instruments should be used constantly and become one of the main technical means when carrying out any medical procedures.

Refills - selection criteria

Our store offers to buy UV camera several species. Depending on the size of the internal space of the material of manufacture of the case, availability of additional programmable features varies and the cost of the device.

Therefore, the main factor in choosing should be a reasonable ratio of price and functionality. UV chamber for storage of sterile instruments should be reliable and meet the needs of medical institutions in a number of processed instruments.

The price of three ultraviolet cameras

The most expensive UV chamber for storage of sterile instrument called a MOBILE equipped with a high-stand with casters, which enables its use in any conditions. The case is made of high quality metal, all functions in the maintenance of sterility is observed, which fully justifies the high cost of the apparatus.

A more affordable option – UV sterilizer (camera) STANDARD. It can be installed on desktop or on mobile racks. The camera's versatile, but less mobile than MOBILE.

Most of the cheap available in our store cameras is the ECONOMY. Although the function of maintaining sterility is performed by the camera in full, it is less roomy than the others. This explains the low price – but it is ideal for small private offices of practitioners, where there is a constant flow of patients. Each of the presented ultraviolet cameras is of high quality and worthy of attention from customers. On the website (online catalogue) you will be able to see the full range of products,it contains a bactericidal irradiators, equipment for sterilisatie, the distiller, medical, you will be able to get acquainted with the characteristics of these devices and make an informed choice.

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