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Cooler BAG PORTABLE AC-01 to 11 litres
Cooler BAG PORTABLE AC-01 to 11 litres
Product Code: SHP-01-11 Zavet

Cooler BAG PORTABLE AC-01 to 11 litres

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Cooler bag carrying case AC-01 cooler Bag carrying case AC-01 (hereinafter: "the cooler") is intended for creation of optimal temperature storage conditions during manual transfer of the containers with the donor blood, erythrocyte mass, endocrine serums, vaccines and other immunobiological and medicinal preparations. Cooler bags can also be used in calls to seriously ill patients for blood draws and vaccinations. The weight of the bag laying not more than 2 kg. the Volume of the working chamber 11 liters. The working chamber of the cooler is made of high impact polystyrene, approved for use in medical technology. The camera allows repeated disinfection with detergent. The outer casing of the cooler is made of solid mantle material. The cooler bag has a soft handle and a detachable shoulder strap and is equipped with six batteries, the cold(the cold packs) which represent polymer pellets filled with a heat capacity of brine). Before you place the cold packs in the camera bag-the refrigerator, they stand 8-10 hours in the freezer fixed domestic refrigerator. The duration of temperature of internal volume of not less than 0 ° C and above 10 ° C, with 6 PCB-1, 8:00 to ambient temperature + 43º C. the cooler Bag allows disinfection OST 42-21-2. Overall dimensions: length - 335 mm, depth - 240 mm; -height - 250 mm. Internal dimensions of the SHP-01: 310*230*220 mm.

Country of originUkraine
Guarantee, month12
Length, mm335
Depth, mm240
Height, mm250
Калькулятор розрахунку опромінювачів