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Medical bags

Doctors often provide medical assistance outside the walls of hospitals and clinics. The medical bag enables you to have everything you need for a minimum set of diagnostic procedures, emergency care. At a sufficiently compact size and light weight of this bag roomy. It has a number of pockets and designed for a neat, orderly placement and secure fixation of medical supplies. Rigid construction and a very thick lining to protect the contents from accidental damage during transportation. Medical bags are made of durable, wear-resistant materials that do not leak water and can be easily disinfected (artificial leather, waterproof cloth).

Application medical bags

Медицинская сумка холодильникMedical bags can be used by Junior, middle and higher nurses in different fields predominantly outside of the hospital. They can store and carry various functional sets, as a rule, tools for diagnostics, injections and infusions, dressing material, medicines. They have a design that ensures convenient transportation and quick access to content and simplifies the search for necessary. Some varieties of handbags (isothermal) allow to maintain the desired inside temperature, to transport drugs, which need a certain temperature and biomaterials, laboratory sample. The scope of application is wide enough:

  • General practitioner, family doctor, medical assistant, going on a challenge to the patient, can carry functional sets for examination and carrying out simple medical manipulations;
  • this bag is always in the ambulance, team members use its content to provide emergency care at home, outdoors, in the car. Typically, the bag is an emergency doctor larger than bag of the therapist, provides an extensive collection of tools and materials;
  • not dispense medical bags in field hospitals, they have rescue teams;
  • during sports training, competitions, field trips contents of the bag is primarily used to assist with injuries;
  • nurses in addition to tools and medicines are in such bags documentation.

Variety of medical bags

Сумка медицинскаяThe most common type of medical bags – bag-styling, made in the form of a bag, suitcase. There are other forms:

  • backpacks are mostly used by rescuers in field conditions, easy to carry for long distances;
  • compact belt bags, first aid kits;
  • folders-stacking;
  • boxes, canisters, tablets, compact, and highly specialized, for example, for surgical instruments or for patients with diabetes;
  • organizers, which can be fastened to the pocket of his robe or use as a desktop support under the instruments;
  • ampullary and bags under the tube;
  • aluminum suitcases for transporting in the car.

Medical bags can be divided into universal and specialized. The latter include bags doctor (GP, family, sports, Hiking, vet), paramedics, nurses, lifeguards, ambulances, intensive care. There are also bags for laboratory equipment, epidemiological set of tripods under analysis, certain types of portable equipment (e.g., EKG).

A special kind of medical bags – cooler bag. It is equipped with isothermal containers (camera) and cold packs may be used for the transportation of blood, specimens, biomaterials, medical immunobiological drugs, medicines, in particular medicines for diabetes.

Buy a bag of emergency doctor in Kiev and Ukraine

GK "the Covenant" offers to buy medical bags for work out of town doctors, nurses, ambulance crews and rescue teams. Sales are also a resuscitation bag with removable partitions, analyze-bag of 100 cells, aluminum bag, convenient for medical care during rescue operations under the rubble. You can buy cooler bags with different volume of the chamber.

Bags are sold empty and sets, functional sets presented to:

  • family doctor;
  • ambulance;
  • nurses, paramedic.

All products are made of high quality durable and durable materials, fitted with secure locks, handles and straps for carrying, convenient and functional. While it has a modern design. You can pick up a bag of the desired type, size, purpose. On the website of the company can buy goods at an affordable price, to pay convenient way to order delivery in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, either to pick up the purchase yourself. For wholesale buyers the system of discounts. Perhaps making the loan. If you need advice on choosing handbags, you can contact experts over the phone.

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