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Table Sivtseva
Table Sivtseva
Product Code: Table for vision testing Zavet

Table Sivtseva

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A study ophthalmologist it is impossible to imagine without a table Sivtseva. It is most often used to test visual acuity in the USSR, and today it is applied in the countries that were previously part of it. The table consists of 7 alternating characters, which are arranged in 12 rows, their size is gradually reduced from 70 to 3.5 mm.

Using a table Sivtseva

Table Sivtseva used to test vision in people who know the Russian alphabet. The alternative – table Golovin, where instead of letters open ring with a different orientation of discontinuities (Landolt rings). In the evaluation focused on the numbers given at the sides of each row of characters. Option D left - the distance in meters at which the normal person should see this line (50 m for the first and 2.5 for the latter). Right - the index of V, the visual acuity of the patient, who when you check with 5 m (the reference distance) sees most of the letters in this row and above. 1-6 in the ranks of allowable error 1 7-10 – 2.

For checking procedure, you need:

  • put the patient in 5 meters from the table in a bright room;
  • to further illuminate the canvas, so that the light fell on him, and did not strike the eye, illumination is to be 700 Lux.
  • ask the patient to cover one eye with a special screen, but not to push him and not screw up;
  • the test usually start with the bottom rows indicate the letter and give to 3 seconds, so to call it. If the patient does not distinguish between the letters in a given row, cross above;
  • if the patient does not see even the top line with the standard distance, he is asked to get a meter and check again, then another two feet, until he begins to recognize the letters. Use the formula V=d/d, where d is the actual distance from the table at the time of inspection;
  • assess visual acuity and move to the second eye.

At the time of inspection the patient should not experience discomfort (dizziness, fever), tilt your head, squint.

To purchase a table for eye tests Sivtseva in Kiev and Ukraine

GK "the Covenant" offers to buy the table Sivtseva, and tables Golovin at an affordable price. The quality of the tables is fully consistent with the standards. You can buy them both separately and included with the illuminator. Accept other forms of payment. Delivery in Kiev with our own transport company and Ukraine's leading carriers, pickup is available.

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