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Double-section functional bed КF-2М


10,680.00 грн


Double-section functional bed КФ-3м is designed for a comfortable stay of patients in hospital wards and outpatient treatment. The lying of the bed consists of one fixed foot section and a movable head section, trimmed with sheet metal, allowing giving it the most convenient and appropriate for the patient's shape. Also, on customer request, the lying may be made out of painted metal mesh. Additionally, customized, the bed can be equipped with double-section mattress out of medical leatherette, side rails, device of "Gus" type, infusion stand and stand for urinal.

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 2000*950*880

The height of the bed above the floor – 570 mm;

The length of the bed – 1900 mm;

The angle of elevation of dorsal panel - from 0 to 75 degrees

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