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Traumatological stationary bed КSТ


33,984.41 грн


Traumatological stationary bed КSТ is designed to accommodate patients in traumatological departments. The bed allows you to:

  • give the patient necessary positions in the postoperative period and rehabilitation;
  • This bed has a dual system of orthopedic traction, counterweights for 2kg and 5kg in 2 pieces. Additionally, the bed is equipped with a mattress, infusion stand and a device for lifting the patient "Gus".

    Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 2290*880*1870

    The height of the bed above the floor – 570 mm;

    The length of the bed – 1900 mm

  • place the patient at different angles;
  • adjust the tilt of the body section and the slope of the section for feet;
  • carry out the procedure of traction and double traction in traumatological patients.
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