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Irradiator for the upper heating of infant LVO-01


10,640.00 грн


Irradiator for the upper heating of infant LVO-01 with a temperature sensor and backlit on a tripod is designed for heating of infant at carrying out of sanitary treatment, inspection, swaddling and other procedures in children's rooms of childbirth and the postpartum departments of maternity homes, hospitals and institutions.Irradiator equipped with lamp, infrared luminaire and temperature sensor is mounted on a tripod with wheels that ensure its convenient and easy movement. The main body of the irradiator has a control unit with two switches. The control unit is equipped with an electronic thermometer that controls the temperature on the surface of the table with a baby. The height of the irradiator is adjusted using the telescopic mechanism.

Power consumption, VA, - no more than 580

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 750*710*1720

The height of the irradiator can be adjusted from 1720 up to 2190 mm.

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