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Mercury-quartz irradiator UGN-01М


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Mercury-quartz irradiator UGN-01М is designed for the irradiation of the upper respiratory tract (nasal cavities, nasopharynx and tonsils) and ear cavity in physiotherapeutic cabinets of medical institutions. Inside the irradiator mercury-quartz lamp is installed radiating ultraviolet rays of a wide range (240 ... 320 nm.). The housing of the apparatus is made of stainless steel and plastic elements. The design of УГН-01М allows carry out therapeutic procedures simultaneously for four patients by selecting the appropriate nozzles for throat, ear or nose. For the separation of work areas there are four curtains for patients.

Power consumption, VA, - no more than 500

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 470*470*400

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