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Backpack for rescue officers and field hospitals


4,210.00 грн


Bag-kit backpack SURis designed to equip doctors and medical personnel as a part of emergency rescue formations of civil defense and the emergency situations ministry. Backpack is targeted to carry and store medicines, dressing materials, medical items and tools ready to use under field conditions. Backpack is a semi-rigid construction. The presence of the shoulder, waist and shoulder straps allows you to carry it behind your back for long distances. Backpack using "lightning" fastener reveals completely, offering free access to health care property, which is located in the pockets and blocks, located on the inner surfaces of the walls. Blocks are made in the form of soft cases with a transparent top cover, closed by "lightning" fastener. On the wall of the backpack, blocks are held by a textile "contact" fastener. On the front wall of the backpack there is a large pocket for bandaging materials. On the rear wall of the backpack by means of a textile "contact" fastener a soft waterproof heat insulation mat is attached, which can be used as bedding.

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 370x250x470

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