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Handbag for ambulance UMSP-01


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Aluminum handbag for ambulances is designed for transportation, carrying and storing of specially selected set of instruments, dressings and medical supplies needed for emergency medical assistance. Traveling bag is a lightweight box-type structure made of aluminum alloy with internal baffles and hinged top and front cover. The top cover is fixed with two tension locks. On the cover there is a pull-out handle for carrying. The case can be equipped with various inserts, case for storage and transportation of ampoules with medications and attachments according to the customer request, depending on the particular application of the case (kit of lineambulance crew physician, resuscitation kit, paramedic set, and so on). In a typical version of the delivery it is recommended in the left compartment of the case to lay the dressing, in the middle section - syringes, needles, systems, to the right compartment - an apparatus for pressure changes. Under cover - gloves, catheters and needles for deflation.

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 450*220*300

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