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Сумка-укладка саквояж терапевта



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Bag-kit therapist handbag SUTis designed to equip physicians and nursing staff outside the hospital for carrying and usage of drugs, dressing materials, medical items, instruments and tools. Therapist handbag is of the rigid structure. On the back wall of the handbag pockets for documents are located. There are external side pockets. Inside, on the walls of the handbag, there are mesh pockets for placing medicines and medical materials. The handbag opens from the top, providing convenient access to the content. For carrying the handbag in hands on top of the valve cover a plastic handle is provided. Valve cover is lockedfrom aboveby means of two rim locks. There is also a comfortable shoulder strap. Used in the construction of the handbag cushioning materials protect the inside content from the blows.

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) - 340*190*220

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